A successful performance marketing network knows that their Affiliates are their most important asset. Without quality Affiliates to promote your offers  and generate conversions, you won’t be making any money.

Finding  and recruiting affiliates can be a challenge. Luckily, there are a lot of awesome Affiliates out there who are always on the lookout for profitable offers to run.

Here are a few places that you can find Affiliates:

Affiliate Forums

Stack That Money

Without a doubt, STM is one of the most popular  and active affiliate communities. Not only is it the best forum for Super Affiliates to connect  and talk shop, but STM has been putting on conferences  and meetups all over the world. While it’s not free to join, Stack That Money is a fantastic place to stay up to date with the industry  and connect with performance marketing pros around the globe.

Website: www.stackthatmoney.com

Affiliate Fix

Promoted as “The Most Active  and Friendliest Affiliate Marketing Community Online”, AffiliateFix (formerly known as CPAFix) is a massive community of marketers  and entrepreneurs looking to learn more about affiliate marketing. Affiliates, networks, advertisers  and everyone in between can be found posting on Affiliate Fix.

Website: www.affiliatefix.com

Warrior Forum

This community has seen some massive changes over the years. Warrior Forum has become a go-to community for marketers to connect, share stories, ask questions  and more. They also exp anded to include a massive marketplace for selling info products  and posting classified ads.

Website: www.warriorforum.com


With over 2 Million posts, WickedFire is an active community full of members looking for their next opportunity.

Website: www.wickedfire.com

Digital Point

DigitalPoint focuses mostly on Internet Marketing  and SEO but this means that it is a popular hangout for Affiliates looking to optimize their websites  and run their business more effectively.

Website: www.forums.digitalpoint.com


Tips for Using Forums to Recruit Affiliates

If you are going to be prospecting for Affiliates on forums, here are a few tips you should keep top of mind.

  • Follow the Forum Guidelines
  • Be Active
  • Don’t Be Spammy
  • Provide Value


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