Generating Tracking Links

Tracking Links are used to redirect clicks, record data  and route traffic to another URL in Kuala. There are three requirements for creating a Tracking Link, it is connected to an Offer, Affiliate  and Tracking Domain.

To generate a tracking link, navigate to the Side Menu  and select “Get A Tracking Link”.

Setup your Tracking Link by submitting the following information:

  • Offer – the Offer you are promoting
  • Affiliate – the Affiliate that is using the URL
  • Domain – the Domain that will be used
  • SubID – the Parameters used for storing custom campaign data.
  • Encrypt Tracking Link – check this box to encrypt / cloak your links.

That’s it! You’ve just created a Tracking Link!

Create an Offer

To create an Offer, navigate to the Side Menu panel, click on “Offers”, select “Create Offer”  and start by filling out your Offer details.

Offer Details

  • Name – Give the Offer a name to help you identify it.
  • Advertiser – the Advertiser for the Offer.
  • Category – The Category or “Vertical” for the Offer.
  • Status – Only “Active” offers can route Traffic, set to “Pending” if the Offer needs approval.
  • Cookie Only? – When enabled, the tracking platform will not append the TID variable to the URL.
  • URL – The l anding page for the Offer. You can pass dynamic variables to the URL using “Tokens”.
  • Preview URL – If set, the Preview URL will show to affiliates instead of the l anding page URL.
  • Description – Use this field for notes  and other important information about your offer.
Using Tokens

Tokens are variables that are appended to the URL to pass data  and track information about your clicks.  The Tokens that you add to your Offer URL When the click is routed through Kuala, it will dynamically populate the token with data.

Available Offer Tokens

  • Tracking IDs
    • Transaction ID
    • Affiliate ID
    • SubIDs
  • Geo IP
    • IP Address
    • City
    • ZIP Code
    • Country Name
    • Country Code
    • DMA Code
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Region / State Abbreviation
  • Browser
    • Device
    • Browser Family
    • Browser Version
    • OS Family
    • OS Version
    • Browser Language
  • Referring Domains & Metrics
    • Referring Domain
    • R andom Page
    • Is Bot
    • Is Mobile
    • Is Tablet
    • Is Touch Capable
    • Is PC


Offer Revenue & Payout

Revenue & Payout tracks revenue, cost  and profit in Kuala.

  • Revenue Type – How revenue is tracked for the Offer (RPC, RPA, RPS).
    • Revenue Per Click – Revenue is generated when a user clicks on a Tracking Link.
    • Revenue Per Action – Revenue is generated when a postback is fired by the Advertiser.
    • Revenue Per Sale – Revenue is generated when a postback is fired by the Advertiser  and a sale amount is passed to the platform.
  • Revenue – The amount of revenue generated.
  • Payout Type – How payouts are tracked for the Offer (CPC, CPA, CPS).
    • Cost Per Click – Cost is calculated when a user clicks on a Tracking Link.
    • Cost Per Action – Cost is calculated when a postback is fired by the Advertiser.
    • Cost Per Sale – Cost is calculated when a postback is fired by the Advertiser  and a sale amount is passed to the platform.
  • Payout – The amount paid out  and tracked as cost / expense.


Offer Permissions

Permissions is where you can select which Affiliates have access the Offer.

  • Public – If enabled, the Offer will be available to all Affiliates
  • Affiliate Access – Only Affiliates in the “Approved” column will have access to the Offer.


Multiple Conversion Settings

This section is where you can setup tracking for multiple conversions. Multiple Conversions (or “XID”) are the ability to attribute multiple conversions single Transaction ID.

  • Intervals – The amount of times Kuala will track multiple conversions for the Offer.
  • Affiliate Intervals – The amount of times Kuala will track multiples conversions for a specific Affiliate.
Creating Intervals
  • Interval – Which multiple conversion (XID) will trigger the interval settings.
  • Revenue – The revenue amount for the selected interval.
  • Fixed Payout – The fixed payout for the selected interval.
  • Rev Share Percentage – The rev share payout in percent. The specific percentage of the revenue is added to the fixed payout.

Offer Caps

Caps is where you can control  and manage your budget by setting “Global Caps”  and “Affiliate Caps”

  • Global Caps – Capping Rules that are applied to the Offer.
  • Affiliate Caps – Capping Rules that are applied to specific Affiliates running the Offer
Creating Caps
  • Cap Type – The metric type that will trigger the cap.
    • Conversion, Payout, Revenue
  • Time Period – The time period settings for your cap.
    • Daily, Monthly, Lifetime.
  • Cap Limit – When this value is matched or exceeded, the matching redirection rule will be applied.
  • Redirect Type – The type of redirect to use when the cap limit is reached.
    • Redirect to an alternate Offer
    • HTTP 404 – Not Found
    • HTTP 400 – Bad Request
    • HTTP 200 – Display Empty Page


Offer Redirection Rules

Redirection Rules is where you can setup advanced targeting rules to target users  and optimize your traffic sources.

Bot Filtering

We maintain lists of known webcrawlers like googlebot, bingbot  and spiders, anonymous proxies, Tor exit nodes  and unsafe networks. Use this section to choose your Bot Filtering settings.

  • Block Crawlers – By enabling this we will block all crawlers  and web scraping clients.
  • Block Proxies  – By enabling this feature we will block requests from all proxies  and known sources.
Device Targeting

  • Device Classes
  • Devices
Geo Targeting

  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Cities
  • Postal Codes
  • IP Addresses
User Targeting

  • Browsers
  • Platform / OS
  • Languages


Offer Revenue Rules

Revenue Rules override the Revenue settings for the Offer. Revenue Rules will trigger when the Rule criteria is met  and the revenue settings will use whatever “Type” or “Amount” is set.

Targeting Options for Revenue Rules
  • Countries
  • Platforms
  • Cities
  • Languages
  • Devices
  • Browsers
  • Postal Codes
  • Regions
  • Device Classes


Offer Payout Rules

Targeting Options for Payout Rules
  • Countries
  • Platforms
  • Cities
  • Languages
  • Devices
  • Browsers
  • Postal Codes
  • Regions
  • Device Classes


Affiliate Overrides

Affiliate Overrides give you the ability to override Revenue, Payout  and Redirect settings for specific Affiliates.


Managing Offers

To view  and manage your Offers, navigate to the side Menu Panel, click on “Offers”  and select “Manage Offers”.


Manage Offers Dashboard Overview

From this dashboard, you will see a list of all the Offers you have created in your account, organized by Offer ID.  On the top right of the dashboard, you can use Kuala’s adjust your table setting to find specific information, update your table settings  and export data.

  • Search – Search your Offers.
  • Rows – Choose how many rows you want to display.
  • Export – Export your table data.
  • Settings – Choose which columns you want to display.


How To Edit Your Offers

There are two ways to edit Offers.

Method 1 – Double Click

To quickly change basic information about an Offer, select the Offer you want to edit  and click on the field you want to change.

Method 2 – Edit Action

To edit detailed information about your Offers  and work with Offer Controls, double-click on the Offer ID or click on “Edit Offer” under “Actions”. This will take you to the Offer Management page.


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