To view  and manage your Offers, navigate to the side Menu Panel, click on “Offers”  and select “Manage Offers”.


Manage Offers Dashboard Overview

From this dashboard, you will see a list of all the Offers you have created in your account, organized by Offer ID.  On the top right of the dashboard, you can use Kuala’s adjust your table setting to find specific information, update your table settings  and export data.

  • Search – Search your Offers.
  • Rows – Choose how many rows you want to display.
  • Export – Export your table data.
  • Settings – Choose which columns you want to display.


How To Edit Your Offers

There are two ways to edit Offers.

Method 1 – Double Click

To quickly change basic information about an Offer, select the Offer you want to edit  and click on the field you want to change.

Method 2 – Edit Action

To edit detailed information about your Offers  and work with Offer Controls, double-click on the Offer ID or click on “Edit Offer” under “Actions”. This will take you to the Offer Management page.


Last Updated: January 30, 2018
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